Saskia de marée

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Saskia de Marée & Gam Bodenhausen

4 september t/m 31 oktober 2014
Opening donderdag 4 september 17.00-19.00 uur
Ag academisch genootschap
Parklaan 93 Eindhoven

First edition of presentations
curated by Art Historian drs. Liesbeth Schreuder 


There is no I

20/21 september
Non public painting act
Initiated by Aquil Copier
Sponsored by Artel
Documentation and participating artist
will be published later



november/december 2014
working period and presentation
Artspace Flipside Eindhoven
curated by Jeroen Vrijsen & Aagje Linssen


Old souls, New magic

start 2015
Etching project
More information will follow